Privacy Policy does not collect your personal information unless you volunteer it. Sixt Alpine Chalet does require it's users to provide personal information, such as email address, telephone numbers and postal addresses during the booking process. Some personal information is required from visitors in order to subscribe to our optional newsletter. This information maybe combined with site usage reports to profile visitors and their usage of our site. Sixt Alpine Chalet uses Google Analytics to analyse how visitors use our site, which pages they visit, how often, and the nature of their visit. This information is used by Sixt Alpine Chalet purely to improve the visitors experience and usability of our site. Any personal information disclosed to us during your visit to our site will never be revealed to any third parties. If you require any further information or have concerns please write to us at our registered address: Sixt Alpine Chalet, L'Alpee, La Chaletaz, 74740 Sixt fer a Cheval. France

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